Life Is Like This Bar: You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get


Forrest Gump’s quote about a box of chocolates could certainly be applied to Coco66, located in the nether regions of Greenpoint. Co-owned by the guy who runs the Brooklyn Chocolate & Cocoa Company, which supplies the Ritz-Carlton and Peninsula hotels with sugary treats, this new bar has an eclectic clientele. Barely legal locals (who probably grew up in Greenpoint) down pints of Guinness ($5); well-dressed, fiftysomething businessmen sip Scotch (Johnnie Walker Red Label, $7); greasy-haired hipsters stay focused on the DJ (who played Britpop, punk, and classic rock on a recent Thursday night); and Pearl Jam–loving college types wait for their turn at pool in the large back room. The bar’s decor is a bit of a mix as well: Dark-wood benches, tables, and window frames; pressed-tin walls; concrete floors; an ornate, gothic-looking skylight; a kitschy fake fireplace; votive candles; and red lights. Still, as much as there is to spit out here, there’s just as much to savor, like ultra-stiff vodka concoctions (Stoli and soda, $6), late-night specials (a PBR and a shot of Jim Beam, $5), and freakishly friendly customers. Plus, coming soon: boozy chocolate drinks and Skee-Ball.