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Living The Dream: How Aaron Tran Made His Wildest Dreams Come True


Aaron Tran is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space. He is the founder and owner of an eight-figure e-commerce empire, managing a staff of over 20 personnel. The self-made millionaire shares an inspiring story, rising against all odds to make his dreams a reality.

Aaron is a first-generation American, raised by two parents from Vietnam who arrived to the United States without money or knowledge of the language. All they had was “a burning desire to chase that dream and willing to do whatever it takes to turn it into a reality,” Aaron says. Thanks to his parent’s hard work, they never lacked a roof over their heads, part of why Aaron is forever grateful to his parents. But they were also traditional, strict parents that believed in school-oriented careers. According to Aaron, they firmly emphasized going to school and getting a degree to be successful. This left little or no room for him to explore his interests and passions.

Young Aaron had already established that his dream life would not be made possible through a 9–5 job. To him, the corporate lifestyle was too monotonous for his ideal type of lifestyle. Throughout his teenage years, Aaron strived to identify something different so he could be himself and fulfill his dreams. Starting his own business was always a top priority, but he did not have the means to set it up. Besides, his parents would not have given their consent to it not until he completed his studies.

It took him until 2019, while in college when he decided to drop out to chase his dreams. He immediately turned to the e-commerce space, with his focus being on Shopify. A highly motivated and ambitious individual, Aaron dived straight into the venture giving it his all. He established a profound work ethic and determination to make it happen.

Unfortunately, his lack of experience and industry know-how made finding his feet in the sector tough. He faced numerous challenges, with some threatening to knock him off balance. It was even more challenging for him as he had no mentor or coach. To his dismay, things turned from bad to worse, and he found himself engulfed in $5000 worth of debt. This was a major setback for the young Aaron, forcing him to quit the business for close to six months.

A focused individual, Aaron used the opportunity to learn and understand everything about the e-commerce space from digital marketing, network marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA, Facebook advertising, among others. He also got himself engaged in a start-up in San Francisco, observing and learning more about business management. This also helped him appreciate that success is a journey, and it takes more than what meets the eye to attain it.

Aaron has since made a comeback in the industry, establishing a successful and first-rising e-commerce empire. He is currently living his dream while mentoring and coaching other entrepreneurs.  One of his biggest dreams come true was recently buying his parents a home. It’s because of their hard work that he is the success he is today.

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