Morning Links: Fergie’s Out of Cash, BP Spill Estimate at 85.3 Million Gallons, Make Way for Sailors


• Poor Fergie gets only $21K a year from her ex husband Prince Andrew and really may not have a “bean to her name.” Not that that excuses anything.

• The New York Times has updated their interactive oil spill tracker, which shows an estimate of 85.3 million gallons of oil spilled through May 24 as the BP “worst case” scenario. (Exxon Valdez was 10.8.)

• Tonight the New York City Charter Revision Commission talks term limits and whether to do away with the position of public advocate or to give it more power. (All are welcome.)

• It’s Fleet Week. Watch for low-flying military aircraft, 21-gun salutes, the parade of ships, and sailors all over the freakin’ place.

Abu Dhabi may refuse to show Sex and the City 2 for being “too racy.” (The movie was actually filmed in Morocco despite the highly realistic plot line, for the same reason.)

Concerns over North Korea have pushed stocks down … again.

• Okay, it’s summer: Today’s high will be in the 80s; tomorrow, prepare for 90.