Anyone who thinks three-day weekends mean rest and relaxation obviously doesn’t live in New York. Clubs and promoters see the presidential holiday as an opportunity to keep you out partying on as many nights as possible, so if you’re gonna go out on Sunday, head to Spirit, which boasts easily the best lineup I’ve seen in a long time. Gigolo Records leader DJ Hell headlines on the main floor—which also features artists of varying techno genres—German Savas Pascalidis offers up new electro, and electroclash refugees Mount Sims and DJ Unknown also play. In the cozier upstairs room, the Wiggle Records tech-house crew, led by O.G. tech-house gangsta Terry Francis, plays the pretty stuff for you, along with Eddie Richards (seems to have dropped the “Evil” part from his name) and Nathan Coles. Plus, Deepak Sharma, Dan Selzer, Alex Malfunction, and Alex English spin different music for those who tire of techno and tech house and want some post-disco or something. Sunday @ 11, Spirit, 530 W 27th, 212-268-9477,,

More tech house comes courtesy of Brit bad boy Mr. C, who is spinning with local producer and DJ Francis Harris. Perhaps tech house will wrestle the popularity away from micro house and minimal techno, which stole its thunder in the last few years, no? C and Harris record under Sycophant Slags, and they are both slamming-good DJs—by “DJs” I mean they mix, match beats, and have excellent programming skills. They aren’t just putting on a record, pressing play, and sliding the cross-fader over. Thursday @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-5700

If you think tech house is for pussies, then the GRIME SESSIONS (a special installment of the regular HEAT party) is for you. U.K. grime DJ Cameo has a, um, cameo with MC Deadly Crisis. Dinesh and Greg Poole represent for the locals. Sunday @ 10, Supreme Trading, 213 N 8th St, Bklyn, 718-599-4224

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