Next Stop on the Train: East River Beach Party, Shoes Optional


Around this time of year, when it’s still hot as hell, the first cool day is both a relief and a reminder that summer’s end is near. The moment has come to scramble out to all your favorite outdoor spots and soak up the fresh air before you retreat to cramped apartments this fall. Water Taxi Beach is just such an oasis. Located in Long Island City, a neighborhood where ex-Manhattanites have found serenity one train stop from Grand Central, the bar offers ample doses of water, sand, and sky big enough to tide you over till next season. Get there right after work, order up a grilled all-beef hot dog ($2) or a fish taco ($5), and wash it all down with a PBR tallboy ($2) or a cocktail of your choice. Put your bare feet in the sand and watch the sun dip below midtown Manhattan skyscrapers. The crowd is a surprising mix of hipsters, young families, and average joes who appreciate the unnatural splendor of a faux beach overlooking a completely man-made landscape. Since the drinks and eats are so reasonably priced, you can while away the hours with your friends reminiscing over what a great summer it’s been.