Olek Remarkably Forgiving of Polish Youths Who Burned Her Art


Olek, an artist who is dear to our hearts, has crocheted pretty much everything: grocery carts, bikes, the Astor Place cube, the Wall Street bull. She has done it in London, and she recently did an outdoor installation for an art festival in Poznan, Poland. At the Polish festival, two teenage boys vandalized Olek’s installation, as teenage boys are wont to do, first by attempting to rip off the yarn and then burning it.

Olek was unfazed!

The boys were arrested, but Olek wrote on Facebook:

I met two boys who burned down my sculpture in Poznan. i don’t want them to go to prison, i don’t want them to pay cash for it… i asked them to crochet scarves for homeless people. they happily agreed!

Do the boys know how to crochet? We shot an email to Olek to find out if they do and if the scarves are ready yet.

Olek told Animal NY that “those boys are really sorry and feel really bad.” Aw.