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On This Day in 1955, the Village Voice Was Born

A greatest hits from 63 years of Voice artistry, with plenty more to come


“Norman Mailer’s Open Letter to JFK,” April 27, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 27

“Emergency Landing,” July 9, 2002, Vol. XLVII, No. 27

“The 50th Anniversary Special: Essays,” October 18, 2005, Vol. L, No. 43

“While Schumer Slept,” February 21–27, 2007, Vol. LII, No. 8

“How New York City’s Seven Newspapers Are (Nearly) Surviving,” September 30–October 6, 2009, Vol. LIV, No. 40

“Jaime Hernandez’s Graphic Behavior,” April 21–27, 2010, Vol. LV, No. 16

“The Poetry Project’s Half-Century of Dissent,” December 14–20, 2016, Vol. LXI, No. 50

Trump’s Travel Ban: A Village Voice Diary,” February 1–7, Vol. LXII, No. 5

With the Expansive ’77. the Film Society Takes the Measure of a Brilliant Year in Movies,” August 2–8, 2017, Vol. LXII, No. 30

“Addicted to Lou,” August 23–29, 2017, Vol. LXII, No. 33