Top 10 Best Malaysian OnlyFans Creators & Malay OnlyFans Follows in 2023


OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that allows creators to monetize their content, including videos, photos, and live streams. It has become popular because it allows creators to have direct relationships with their fans, and for fans to have direct access to exclusive content from creators they enjoy. Additionally, the platform has become popular in the adult entertainment industry, as it allows performers to have more control over their content and earnings.

Malaysian women are a diverse group of individuals, with a rich cultural heritage and history. They come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds, including Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous groups. Here you will find a list of the hottest Malasyia OnlyFans follows of 2023

Best Malaysian OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Malaysian OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

  • Mier Yap – Hottest Big Tits OnlyFans Account
  • iamdorasnow – Hottest Roleplay Malaya OnlyFans Account
  • Mei Yng – Hottest Teen Malaysia OnlyFans Account
  • Yumi Love – Best Brunette OnlyFans Account
  •  Momo Chin – Pretties Eyes OnlyFans Account
  • Cutie Mei – Hottest Outfits OnlyFans Account
  • King Angel – Hottest Maid OnlyFans Account
  • Elizabeth Lee – Hottest OnlyFans Account
  • BB – Hottest Lips OnlyFans Account
  • Yuri – Hottest Curvy Account


Top 10 Malaysian Only Fans 

#1. Mier Yap – Hottest Big Tits OnlyFans Account

Price: $18.00

Likes:  14,668

Videos: 92





Mier Yap is a beautiful big titty malaysian onlyfans creator. Her boobs are huge and amazing and she loves showing them to her fans. Get a look a her perfect boobs and subscribe to her amazing account.


#2. iamdorasnow – Hottest Roleplay Malaya OnlyFans Account


Price: $15.00

Likes: 22,201

Videos: 378





This weeb girlfriend wants you to be her boyfriend. She loves one-on-one convos and sending personal pics to her fans. She has thousands of photo posts and loves showing her feet too. This is one of the best malaysian OnlyFans creators on the platform!


#3. Mei Yng – Hottest Teen Malaysia OnlyFans Account


Price: $7.99

Likes: 1,098

Photos: 89




This gorgeous 19-year old just hopes you like her sexy Only Fans Malaysia content. She wants her fans to PM her and talk dirty to her. She promises she doesn’t bite, so send her a message. She is fairly new to the platform, so show her some love!


#4. Yumi Love – Best Brunette OnlyFans Account


Price: Free

Followers: 160

Videos: 26




Yumi Live could be your little love doll. She loves funny guys and she loves when you play with her tits. She is cute, a romantic at heart, so if you are looking for a romantic Malaysia Only Fans she is your girli.


#5. Momo Chin – Pretties Eyes OnlyFans Account


Price: Free

Likes: 5,079

Videos: 100




Momo Chin loves playing with herself to entertain you and posts daily content. She does not want you to be shy, so DM her and she will respond! Her profile pic is enough for fans to realize they need to subscribe to Momo.


#6. Cutie Mei – Hottest Outfits OnlyFans Account


Price: Free

Likes: 295

Photos: 3023




This gorgeous girl is fairly new to the platform. Her Malaysian OnlyFans account contains exclusive photos and videos, and she has produced thousands’ of both. She also chats with her fans, so feel free to DM her and check out her VIP account as well.


#7. King Angel – Hottest Maid OnlyFans Account

Price: Free

Likes: 495

Pictures: 313






King Angel wants to invite you to her private virtual bedroom, where she films her expansive sex life. Her bio says that she wants you to “peep inside” her “rabbit hole”. Check her socials and gain access to this Malaysian OnlyFans creator’s bedroom.


#8. Elizabeth Lee – Hottest OnlyFans Account


Price: $5.00

Likes: 144,237

Photos: 501




This Malaysian OnlyFans doll loves revealing herself. She enjoys titty pictures and more nude content. Check out her content and even check out her Instagram.


#9. BB – Hottest Lips OnlyFans Account


Price: $19.99

Photos: 674

Likes: 6,429





This gorgeous OnlyFans Malaysian creator calls herself BB and she makes amazing content. She loves giving love bites and she loves making you hard. She makes daily content and requires no additional charge for post.  PM this pretty baby for custom content as well.


#10. YuriHottest Curvy Account


Price: $8.97

Likes: 402

Videos: 45




This alabaster beauty post nudes daily. She is a Malayo OnlyFans creator who is hot and hungry to please you. Her beautiful face looking up at you is a sight to be seen. Subscribe to her account and see what we mean.


Best Malaysian OnlyFans FAQ’s

Where can I find more Malay Only Fans Accounts?

The best place to search for the best OnlyFans Malaysia content is on There, you can find the best Malaysian Only Fans creators on the platform.

How can I tell if these Malaysian Only Fans creators speak Malay?

You can tell by their bios on their profiles or you can just DM them. Most creators are responsive in their DMs.

How can I find out the age of an Only Fans Malaysia creator?

Most Malaysian Only Fans creators will respond to their DMs from subscribers. Try asking them or google searching!


Malaysian OnlyFans In Conclusion

Malaysian women are considered attractive for a variety of reasons, including their unique blend of Asian and Western features, their smooth, caramel-colored skin, and their charming personalities. We hope this list of Malaysian beauties has helped you find your favorite Only Fans Malaysia creator.

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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