10 Most Talented OnlyFans Squirt Ladies: Meet Squirt OnlyFans Chicks 2023


Squirting: The female release of liquid from the urethra during orgasm. Contrary to what some might think, the gush doesn’t come from the pussy hole, it comes from the urethra. But no, it isn’t pee. 

Squirting is kind of a mystery. Not all women can do it, which makes those who can so much more special. And those who can, can’t do it every time. Even scientists haven’t quite figured out what the rush of wetness during some women’s orgasms is all about. 

Truth is, we don’t care. It’s hot AF and makes us think she’s really enjoying herself, like, a LOT. 

There’s so much wet goodness to swim through, so without further ado, we bring you the best OnlyFans squirters.

Best Squirt OnlyFans: Featured This Month

The Best Squirt OnlyFans of 2023

  • Elaina St. James – Top MILF Only Fans Squirt Talent
  • Very Nice Ice – The Coolest FREE Squirting OnlyFans Babe
  • Black Panther – Best Mixed Race OnlyFans Squirter
  • Putri Cinta – Most stunning Tropical OnlyFans Squirter Model
  • Susy G. – Top Playboy Model OnlyFans Squirt Queen
  • Samantha Saint – Top Tittie AND Pussy Squirting OnlyFans
  • Rose – Canada Squirting OnlyFans Take the Cake
  • Kira – Barely Legal Squirt Only Fans Goddess
  • Deauxma – Naughtiest Anal OnlyFans Squirt Model
  • Audrey & Sadie – Best Squirting OnlyFans Duo

Top 10 Hottest Squirt OnlyFans 

1. Elaina St. James – Top MILF Only Fans Squirt Talent


  • $9/month
  • Get the Welcum Package – 4 videos for only $10


Where to follow:


About Elaina St. James:

Oooh lordy! Where to begin?

Fans have dubbed this ravishing cougar the “most authentic creator” who is “classy and real”, calling her content the “best page” they’ve subscribed to. 

And boy, can this stepmom squirt! All over the carpet, on the sheets, in her panties. 

Elaina tantalizes her fans with a weekly Chat & Flash, along with toy and finger play, POV, and new nudes added daily. 

Favorite line: “Cum inside … it’s warm.”


2. Very Nice Ice – The Coolest FREE Squirting OnlyFans Babe


  • FREE account
  • 1.2K posts


Where to follow:


About Very Nice Ice:

Cool as a cucumber while hot as a Carolina pepper. Very Nice Ice likes to work with her hands, huge dildos, and her hot AF pussy. Which squirts far and wide, of course. 

She likes dirty talk, cold winters, and the color red makes her horny. As for body type – take this spinner for a spin! She’s a lean, mean, squirting machine!


3. Black Panther – Best Mixed Race OnlyFans Squirter


  • $3/month
  • Australian slut


Where to follow:


About Black Panther:


If the name alone doesn’t send shivers down your spine, you gotta check for a pulse right now. Primal African DNA mixes with sultry Asian allure in this stunning beauty. 

Her favorite quote is “Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go EVERYWHERE.” And right she is! Try to roll up your tongue after you check out her photos, we dare you. If there’s such a thing as the perfect body, this is probably it. You can’t get any closer to perfection, TBH. 

Black Panther’s fully nude photos and vids will make you rock-hard, and she accepts all fetish requests to please her fans. Your dick wants you to click the link above. Just do it!


4. Putri Cinta – Most stunning Tropical OnlyFans Squirter Model


  • $3.23/month for a limited time
  • Regular price $12.90/month


Where to follow:


About Putri Cinta:


Putri Cinta is Indonesian for “Love Daughter.” And love her we do. And if you’re a Daddy, you might even love her more for choosing this clever name. 

Apple breasts, pointy nipples, caramel skin, gorgeous hair, and a pussy to die for – what’s not to adore? She’s a vision. That’s it. That’s the review. 

The only thing missing is a squirting cunt. Oh wait …she has that, too. 

Mic drop. 


5. Susy G. – Top Playboy Model OnlyFans Squirt Queen


  • $3/month to start, then $20/month
  • Immediate access to 200 vids and 2,000 pics


Where to follow:


About Susy G.:

Hugh Hefner would be so proud. Playboy discovered her first, but now you get a crack at this prize pussy. 

This self-identifying Playboy model has spread her wings beyond an iconic magazine and is bringing her cunt to a wider market. Thank you, Susy G., for gracing the masses with your dripping wet squirt OnlyFans account we love so much!

With a subscription, your horny AF cock will get access to 200+ FREE videos. That’s one a day for nearly half a year!

Anal, BJs, deepthroat…you name it, this lady has professional expertise in all departments!


6. Samantha Saint – Top Tittie AND Pussy Squirting OnlyFans


  • $10/month 
  • 1.4K posts


Where to follow:


About Samantha Saint:

A saint she isn’t. No way in hell. 

This girl gets as uninhibited and raunchy as they come, which brings pure pleasure to our loins. As she milks herself, she milks us, too. Hard. 

You see, Samantha has videos that show her squirting from her tits as well as her pussy. Say what? Yep, this definitely elevates her to unicorn status. I mean, try and find that ANYWHERE else! Hope you have lots of time on your hands to launch an international search and, uh, good luck to you, sir. 

On a side note, you might like her hardcore fucking, too. Yeah, there’s that. 


7. Rose – Canada Squirting OnlyFans Take the Cake


  • $6.50/month introductory offer
  • $13/month regular pricing


Where to follow:


About Rose:

O Canada. For real. Quit trying to compete and besting us. Cause you very well might be with your Rose. And we want to pluck her, thorns and all. If your healthcare system doesn’t make us want to move north your way, Rose does. 

Holy shit, guys, once you’re done salivating over her hot as fuck tits and ass, check out her menu of favors. From anal and straight fucking to dick ratings and one-on-one video calls…this Rose will sink her hooks into you. Plus, she speaks French – the language of sex. 

Damn it, girl! I see a visa in the future. Hold up, we meant VISA. 


8. Kira – Barely Legal Squirt Only Fans Goddess


  • $13/month regular pricint


Where to follow:


About Kira:

Kira likes to go commando! And man, do we wish we were cobblestones as her pussy walks by! Dripping wet, no less, because this hottie is always horny and ready for a special cock to slide right into her teenage cunt. 

And if the cock-of-the-day is big, and skilled, and hitting her G-spot just right – well, you’ll get a show you won’t soon forget. Bring on the squirts and bathe in the glory!

Kira’s special content: A triple penetration squirt video. Hold my beer, will ya? And a FREE hardcore vid when you get a subscription bundle. Hot hot hot!

We’re sold. Are you?


9. Deauxma – Naughtiest Anal OnlyFans Squirt Model


  • $10/month
  • 503 fans


Where to follow:


About Deauxma:

A 1-month subscription: $10. An item on her wishlist: Around $20. Ass action and squirting at the same time? Priceless. 

Deauxma can’t get enough anal play – with toys, dicks, whatever. As long as her butthole gets tickled good, she’s up for it. Her hardcore pics and vids documenting the action are proof. 

This Texas gem is into boys, girls, interracial fucking, cum shots, and then some. Caution: Much of her content is hardcore and not for the faint of heart. Take your meds before entering this page!


10. Audrey & Sadie – Best Squirting OnlyFans Duo


  • $10/month introductory offer
  • $20/month regular price


Where to follow:


About Audrey & Sadie:

We saved the best for last. Meet Audrey and Sadie, a couple of horny, naughty bitches who get their rocks off with ass eating, double penetration, toys, foursomes, and so much more. Australia is a land of wonders and these two young Aussies surely belong in the country’s list of top 10 attractions. 

Audrey and Sadie could be sisters, really. Long espresso locks, big shapely breasts, slim figures, and soaking wet pussies so tight, Noah couldn’t spread those seas. And yet, good dick can and does – a lot. 

These girls squirt alone, on cock, and on each other. Behold, the holy grail of best squirt OnlyFans!


OnlyFans Squirt FAQ’s

Q: Do OnlyFans Squirt Models Spill the Juice Every Time?

A: Nope. They may only show you the instances when they experience squirting action, but the models have no real control over when or why it happens. For some it happens a lot, for others on occasion. When it does occur, it’s like manna from heaven and a major money-maker for the OnlyFans squirter. 

Q: Are there tricks OnlyFans squirting girls use to make it happen?

A: There are some non-scientific strategies to increase the odds of squirting for someone who is naturally inclined to do so. Hitting the G-spot just right is one, and it comes with experience. Being fully relaxed is another. Third, squirting is more likely to happen from masturbation than penetration – sorry, guys!

Q: How can I find the best selection of squirting OnlyFans?

A: Our recommendation is to try onlyfinder.com, where you can search for and filter OnlyFans performers according to preference. Simply type “squirt” or “squirting” in the search bar and watch the magic happen. You’re welcome.


OnlyFans Squirt Creators in Conclusion

The moment of orgasm is no doubt the most intimate seconds one can experience during sex. But with so many taboos revolving around it in so many cultures to this day, witnessing this stunning miracle of nature isn’t something we get to experience every day.

What makes squirting OnlyFans such a popular destination for OF users is based on a variety of factors. For one, observing this utter letting-go in such a raw and vulnerable moment, with visible results, is simply fascinating. We rarely, if at all, get the close-up POV OnlyFans models offer. 

And second, the mystery of the female orgasm – a lifelong pursuit for many men (and women) – is elusive. Squirting in particular, is an unusual manifestation of pleasure we can only hope to have the opportunity to explore. 

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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