Oyster Shooters Done Right at The Wayland


Suspend a beautiful raw oyster in liquor and it looks more like the formaldehyde-preserved brain of a tiny mammal than a delicious bivalve. Sure, it’s traditional, but you can’t taste a thing as it slides down your gullet, cushioned in booze.

At The Wayland, a lovely low-key bar in the East Village, the shooter is pulled apart for cocktail hour and presented on ice: An impeccable Blue Island oyster on the half shell with a side of mezcal that’s been infused with raw shallots and spiked with a little pickle brine.

Slurp the oyster first — enjoy it! — then take back that mignonette-esque shot. It’s an excellent way to launch yourself into a Friday night.

The Wayland, 700 E 9th St.; 212-777-7022