Review: Pok Pok Ny


For this week’s review of Andy Ricker’s Thai restaurant, Pok Pok Ny, I swung by Columbia Street many evenings to either check out the wait situation or to put my party’s name down for a table. It’s a funny system at Pok Pok, reminiscent of those flashing, vibrating beepers that let you know it’s your turn to sit down.

Instead of beepers though, Pok Pok communicates with you via your cell phone. When it’s very busy, you receive a midway text message to see if you’re still waiting (reply 1 if you are; 2 if you gave up and went somewhere else). Later, they call you to be seated.

Last week, Pok Pok announced it would open 7 days a week and offer garden seating, which seems like an ideal way to enjoy the dishes. So far, the lines don’t seem to have changed too much, but if it’s packed it’s simply because Pok Pok serves delicious food at reasonable prices. So yes, it’s worth the wait. Read the review here.