Rick Ross May Have Just Responded to Young Jeezy (Who Also Put Out A Mixtape Today)


Though Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy is playing it ultra cool regarding “Death Before Dishonor,” the “B.M.F.”-checking freestyle he released a couple days ago, it seems pretty clear the song was aimed at Rick Ross. (His denial, at MTV, is less than convincing: “That’s for anybody. I got n—as in prison behind that sh–. I feel that if you speaking on sh–, you gotta at least know who you talking about.” OK!) Ross, for his part, merely expressed confusion…until now, anyway. “The Summas Mine” (hear it at 2DopeBoyz), released earlier today, rides a fantastically annoying Lil Lody beat (think Lex Luger getting murdered by a woodpecker) into its own kind of subliminal sunset:

“You throwing up sets/But you really from Cleveland.” Huh? Anyway, if the amount of times he repeats the words “fuck boy” is any indication, Ross is mad at someone. Those really looking to wear their eyes out attempting to find evidence of a war both sides are denying might instead consult Jeezy’s new mixtape, 1000 Grams, also released today. Is “Porsche Music” a subtle retort to “Maybach Music”? “Yayo” a subtle declaration of solidarity with Ross’s sworn enemy, G-Unit’s Tony Yayo? Tune in next week, when–hopefully–Linda McMahon gets involved and puts somebody through a table.

Rick Ross – “The Summas Mine”/Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams (Mixtape) [2DopeBoyz]