You probably never heard of the Aeolian Ride – Aeolian means “carried by the wind” – but now you can be in it! This is a wind-propelled bicycling experience, started by artist Jessica Findley, who was inspired when her jacket inflated behind her while she was riding her bike. She wanted to expand the experience and also to do something happy in the wake of 9/11, “to bring senseless joy to a world that had experienced senseless pain.” She used her own money to make “billowing” costumes and recruited riders to wear them. This year the Aeolian Ride, which can best be described as a moving work of art, is celebrating its 10th birthday with rides in cities all over the world, from Montreal to Rio. Proceeds from the NYC event go to 596 Acres, a group dedicated to providing access to community land and assisting neighborhoods in land-use issues. Tickets include admission to the party on Governor’s Island.

Sun., Aug. 17, 12:45 p.m., 2014