The CitiBike Program Has a New Map So Maybe It Is Really Happening


We haven’t forgotten about the CitiBike plan. Even after it got delayed once (thanks computer glitches). And then again (thanks, Sandy). Now, the expected release date is this July for New York’s first citywide bike share–a program that Mayor Bloomberg is still whatever about.

Keyword: expected. But, with this new map of detailed locations (seen above) in hand, maybe this is the real thing.

Yesterday, the Department of Transportation released an updated infograph, which shows you exactly where the locations of the first 293 stations will be–a bit of a drop from the original count of 410.

The map could be mistaken for a Starbucks finder: most of Manhattan below Central Park is dotted beyond belief, as well as South Brooklyn (Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, etc.). The uncolored dots show future locations in North Brooklyn and Queens. As we’ve said before, apologies to the residents of the BX and Staten Island, who will unfortunately be bike-share-less for some time.

Expected release date for those others, though? Given the uncertainty and delays already experienced, who the hell knows. But hopefully one day, the “capital of the world” won’t pale in comparison to Montreal and D.C.