The Drac Pack: Reviews of ‘Vampire Academy,’ the New ‘Interview,’ and More

In this installment of Unbinged, we sink our fangs into streaming vampire tales that began life as books or movies.


It’s that time of year again, when spooky things happen in the shadows—nowhere more so than on the small screen in the darkness of your own home. In her latest Unbinged column, culture critic Erin Maxwell looks at vampire tales that first appeared as books or movies. Maxwell notes that the new version of Interview with the Vampire “might have die-hard fans on edge with its deviations from the original text, but please, do not fear. The changes might be somewhat drastic, they are necessary to revamp the problematic vamp tale for the modern age. The adjustments also add a surprising amount of depth to both the story and its players.”

When it comes to Let the Right One In, Maxwell points out that it is the third adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel: “The 2008 film was nothing short of a masterpiece, while the Americanized 2010’s Let Me In was an entertaining but imperfect version of the vampire story.” As far as Vampire Academy is concerned, Maxwell writes that while the original big screen version flopped, “Peacock has resurrected the Academy, giving the story enough episodes to properly spread its wings. But will it help? The answer: only if you’re already a fan and/or open to uber-complicated supernatural world building.”

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