When it’s 90 degrees out, we know you don’t want to participate in anything that can be described only with words like “scorching,” “searing,” and just plain “hot.” But do make one exception for the Film Society at Lincoln Center’s first-ever English-language retrospective of the uncensored films of Isabel “Coca” Sarli, Argentina’s most notorious cinematic sex symbol. Sarli, who earned herself the distinction of being the first actress to appear completely nude in an Argentine film, was a former 1955 Miss Argentina “discovered” by filmmaker Armando Bo, her husband and collaborator. The three-day retrospective, which started August 6, features six of the bombshell’s most sultry works, including Fuego, which stars Sarli as a nymphomaniac who can’t be sexually satisfied by man or woman. The film is so racy that John Waters put it on his list of “Movies That Will Corrupt You”—and he’s the Pope of Trash, so you know it’s got to be really, really naughty.

Aug. 6-8; Sun., Aug. 8, 7 p.m., 2010