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What to Look for When Taking Full Spectrum CBD

What is Full Spectrum CBD? That’s a frequently asked question in the world of CBD oil, so let's discuss what full spectrum means.


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What is Full Spectrum CBD? That’s a frequently asked question in the world of CBD oil, so let’s discuss what full spectrum means.

They wouldn’t call it FULL spectrum if it didn’t mean the whole kit and caboodle of the hemp plant, right? So if full spectrum CBD contains every active part of the hemp plant, THC included, does that mean it will get me high? Short answer: not exactly.

Full spectrum products allow for the various ingredients within the hemp plant to work together and give you its maximum benefits in both body and mind. For most products, the amount of THC will vary but is usually somewhere between 1 and 4 mg per serving. That’s not enough to get most people high, but it will likely make you feel more relaxed and possibly sleep better.

Granted, when choosing which CBD product is right for you, full spectrum might not be the best choice. Why is that? Well, because even though CBD acts as the primary ingredient, full spectrum CBD does contain small amounts of THC which can be detectable on drug tests.

But if that’s not an issue, you might be thinking, “Hey, this might be just what I’m looking for!”  Let’s dive in a little deeper into what some of these products might look like and how to choose between them.

How Do I Know What to Look for in Full Spectrum CBD?

Imagine you’re at the grocery store and there’s this “new, healthy, superfood” that sounds like it may be the best thing since chia seeds and quinoa to fix all of your health needs. Jackpot!

Before you throw that “too good to be true” product in your cart, you’ll likely look at the ingredients to see just how good it truly is for you. Lo and behold, you realize there’s 100 grams of added sugars. And we all know that the sugar will go straight to your hips if you eat enough of it (and you will because they made it taste far too good to be a “health food”), so you put it right back on the shelf where you found it. Sigh, and keep moving down the aisle looking for your perfect match.

Okay, okay, so what does this have to do with what to look for when taking full spectrum CBD?

The point is, just like selecting any product, the first thing you do is look at the ingredients. Where does the hemp come from? Is it a natural resource? Are there other additives? Have you seen or heard of this brand before?

There can be a lot of details that go into your decision making. Because it matters what you put in your body when it comes to everyday wellness. Now that you know “full spectrum” means that it encompasses every component of the hemp plant, how much of each component are we talking about?

CBD to THC Ratio + Natural Additives

For full spectrum CBD products, the main number we’re searching for is the CBD-to-THC ratio. For instance, these full spectrum CBD gummies from cbdMD contain 200 mg of CBD to 4 mg of THC per serving. Even if you’re not great at math and understanding ratios, it’s pretty obvious that there is far more CBD (non-psychoactive component) than THC (psychoactive component) in this product.

When CBD+THC work together, something special happens. It’s what’s known as the “entourage effect,” which is just a fancy way of saying similar plant properties work together to result in the maximum benefit. CBD and THC complement each other naturally within the body, which means more effective results.

What if I want a full spectrum product that’s extra calming for those “Ugh, why can’t the week go by any faster?” kind of days? Some companies may have full spectrum calming products that will do just the trick. What gives them that extra kick of calm, you ask?

Let’s go back to the tried and true ingredients list! These full spectrum calm CBD gummies contain 200 mg CBD, 4 mg THC, and 300 mg of ashwagandha extract per serving to guide you into a Zen-like state for ultimate relaxation to make it through the rest of your work week.

Why Choose Full Spectrum CBD?

Think of this as the total package. This product gives you the same benefits of general CBD – better sleep, relaxation, reduced stress, discomfort relief – but at the maximum effect. It can be easily incorporated into everyday life with products ranging from gummies to capsules to oils that can be added into any of your favorite drinks or recipes.

This may turn out to be exactly what you’ve been looking for to take your overall wellness to the next level!



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