The Top Onlyfans Wheelchair Models of 2023


The beauty of the adult entertainment industry is that it is all-inclusive, helps people retain love for their bodies, and have some amazing orgasms. These are just some of the many sentiments our truly favorite Onlyfans paraplegic models have been saying, and we have to agree. We scoured the globe for some of the sexiest handicap Onlyfans stars in existence, and we know you’re going to love who we found.

These Onlyfans wheelchair models are not only beautiful and bawdy, they’re dirty-minded and creative, they’re interactive, and they truly love the art of seduction. You’re going to find that you won’t be able to forget a single of one of these creators once you dive into their world, so don’t hold back. Check out our favorite wheelchair Onlyfans creators of 2023!

Best Wheelchair OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Wheelchair OnlyFans Accounts of 2023


Hootest 10 Paraplegic Onlyfans Models

#1. Tracy – Sexiest Slice of Life Content


  • Over 6,300 Likes
  • Over 300 Posts
  • Body Positivity


Where to Follow:


About Tracy:

Tracy was in an accident several years ago, and she’s been wheelchair bound ever since. In order to fall in love with her body again, she’s created this saucy wheelchair Onlyfans account. You can follow her life as a wheelies, and nothing is off limits.

Tracy updates regularly with both photos and videos, and she’s very accommodating if you have special requests. Whether you get to see her enjoying a nice lunch, or really enjoying a hot bath, there’s always something going on which Tracy is documenting for her fans. She’s going to find ways to delight you, so don’t pass her by.

#2. Estella Rolls – Best Legs


  • Over 2,500 Likes
  • Over 100 Videos
  • 300 Photos and Counting


Where to Follow:


About Estella Rolls:

Estella Rolls isn’t going to get nude, but if you’re looking to ogle some supermodel legs, she’s got some of the best of them. Her exclusive content on her paraplegic only fans page features her legs and feet in a major way.

This European beauty’s content includes feet, long legs, getting dressed, tights, high heels, socks, transfers, foot massages, shoes, toes, soles, spasms, and stretching. Estella is a fetish friendly Latina, happy to provide content for her feet and devotee lovers. 


#3. Wheelchair Wife Plays – Best Request Fulfillment


  • Nearly 500 Likes
  • Custom Requests
  • Panty Sales


Where to Follow:


About Wheelchair Wife Plays:

Meet one of our favorite handicap Onlyfans models: Wheelchair Wife Plays. WWP is a slim little angel who built her sexy page because getting off together is better than getting off alone, and she knows she can help.

WWP has built her page upon fan interaction almost solely. She’s happy into custom requests, one on one sessions, and will sell you her panties. If you want private photos, or a steamy sexting session, she’s happy to provide. Don’t see what you want? Reach out to WWP and she’ll happily help you out. She hopes you’re ready to get wet, because she certainly is.


#4. The Wheelchair Girl – Best Menu


  • Over 3,600 Likes
  • Nearly 400 Photos
  • Over 100 Videos


Where to Follow:


About the Wheelchair Girl:

The Wheelchair Girl doesn’t let anything stop her from having a truly sexual life. This amazing babe brings a whole new meaning to the term “sex appeal,” and you’re going to love following her paraplegic Onlyfans account. Just to get things rolling, she starts off with foot fetish and salacious leg photos for all you specific fetishists.

From there, it only gets more wild. You’ll get devotee content, anal, blowjobs, threesomes, and a lot more. Get yourself one of the multiple-month subscription bundles, and see what else is in store for you. The Wheelchair Girl takes requests, and wouldn’t be upset if you decided to send a tip. She’s into everything, so be sure to reach out.


#5. Karlee Rose – Best Flirty Vibe


  • Over 16,000 Likes
  • Nearly 100 Posts
  • Free Account


Where to Follow:


About Karlee Rose:

Karlee Rose is a blond bombshell who loves to chat about fashion, chill with her friends, get new ink, and show off her X-rated bi side. Karlee is easily one of the most energetic Onlyfans paraplegic babes making content, and she knows she’s able to turn heads.

This knockout has clear goals. She wants to have a good time, and drain your wallet while doing it. She’s very honest like that, and if you want to spoil her, she’ll treat you right. She’s into making custom content, so don’t hesitate to send her a message. You’ll also be able to get some JOI, and Karlee loves solo play and fetishes, so don’t hold back if you have a specific desire. Her account is completely free to subscribe to, so there’s no reason to wait.


#6. Em – Sexiest Goth Girlfriend


  • Nearly 900 Likes
  • Over 50 Posts
  • Subscription Bundles


Where to Follow:


About Em:

Em is a stunning inked babe with a dominant personality. You can tell from her URL – worship my wheels. This heavily tattooed beauty promises she’d made an excellent goth girlfriend for you, and we have to agree.

You can follow Em, and opt for her long-term subscription discount. She loves to show off her hot curves, her big tits, and her thrilling blowjob skills. When she’s alone in bed, her hands have a tendency to wander. Be sure to shoot her a message, and let her know what you’d love to see.


#7. Danni Wheels – Sexiest MILF


  • Over 5,600 Likes
  • Nearly 500 Posts
  • MILF


Where to Follow:


About Danni Wheels:

Danni Wheels is a sexy MILF only fans paraplegic. She playfully introduces you to her page with the message, “assembly not required – wheelchair included,” and we had to know more. Danni loves to take sexy photos, and the occasional saucy video, and show them explicitly on her Onlyfans page.

In her real life, she’s a new mother, and learning the joys and trials of parenthood, which is keeping her busy. She still manages to make time for her fans, and you’re going to love her shining personality, and her amazing body when she shows it off. Give this cute Canadian a follow.


#8. Sammy the Sexy Wheelchair Girl – Best Bawdy Boudoir


  • Over 2,700 Likes
  • 300 Photos and Counting
  • Subscription Bundles


Where to Follow:


About Sammy:

Sammy is breaking stereotypes by bringing back the sexy in her series of beautiful – and bawdy – boudoir photos that she’s bringing directly to you. This amazing wheelchair only fans beauty loves to chat with her fans, and strives to bring them content they won’t see anywhere else.

Sammy has a lot of socials where you can see glimpses into her life, but there’s only place you can see her get saucy, and that’s right here. You can save yourself a bit by taking advantage of her multiple-month subscription discounts, so you don’t miss a single photo this tempting tease puts out.


#9. Tara Cosplay – Best Cosplay


  • Over 8,700 Likes
  • Nearly 500 Photos
  • Fetish Friendly


Where to Follow:


About Tara Cosplay:

Tara might just have the record for the most socials across the board. This cosplayer describes herself as a lady and a goddess. She’s disabled, and your generous patronage helps her pay her medical bills. Tara spends about 65% of her life in her wheelchair.

She’s kinky, and has been a collared sub for a few years. On her disabled Onlyfans page, you won’t find any nudes, but it will be heavily implied. There’ll be swimwear, vintage, foot stuff, boudoir, and a lot of positive vibes. Check out Tara and be sure to cheer her on.


#10. JuicyWheels1 – Most Open Creator


  • Over 12,000 Likes
  • 1,500 Posts
  • Free Account


Where to Follow:


About JuicyWheels1:

JuicyWheels1 is one sexy paraplegic MILF, here to prove that wheelchairs and sex appeal can go hand-in-hand. This blonde bombshell has a free paraplegic only fans account for you to follow, and most of her content is PPV. She’s happy to offer an extensive menu, once she works out some tips involved with you.

This content can include conversations – if you have questions about JuicyWheels’ life as a disabled person, she’s happy to answer honestly and openly. She also does solo and couples content, nudity, customs and fetishes, feet and leg content, and a lot more. Don’t hold anything back – let JuicyWheels know your desires, and they may just come true.


Best Wheelchair Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who has the best Wheelchair Onlyfans today?

When you want the best wheelchair Onlyfans content, look no further than this list of amazing models. We feature the genuine Tracy, Estella Rolls and Wheelchair Wife Plays. You’re also going to love the Wheelchair Girl and Karlee Rose. 

Em, Danni Wheels, and Sammy the Sexy Wheelchair Girl are all amazing content creators. Tara Cosplay and JuicyWheels1 love to bring the heat to their erotic posts. There’s no shortage of great ladies and hot content, so the only question you need to ask now is where you should start. 

What do the top Wheelchair Onlyfans models make?

Onlyfans doesn’t report exact numbers for their creators, but we have a few estimates that will help us answer this question. Whether you’re a disabled Onlyfans creator or not won’t factor into the answer. The average creator makes between a couple hundred to a thousand dollars monthly.

If you manage to make your way to the top 10% of Onlyfans creators, you’re probably making a few thousand a month. Enough to earn a living! The top 1% of Onlyfans creators are said to pull in $10,000 and up. Yeah, that’s monthly! If you can get it, it’s a very lucrative gig, but it’s not easy to do.

Which of the best Wheelchair Onlyfans models shouldn’t be missed?

You aren’t going to want to miss a single one of these wonderful Onlyfans wheelchair models. JuicyWheels1 is very open about her experiences, and open to your needs and desires. Tara Cosplay not only dresses up, but she’s a lot of fun in everything she does, and Sammy the Sexy Wheelchair Girl puts on a truly bawdy boudoir shoot. If you want a sexy MILF, check out Danni Wheels, and turn to Em for a sexy goth girlfriend. 

There’s more fun to be had where that came from. Karlee Rose has an erotic, flirty vibe you’ll dig, and for a truly licentious menu you’ll want to check out the Wheelchair Girl. Estella Rolls loves to show off her feet and legs, and the Wheelchair Wife Plays account is the place to be for fantasy fulfillment. For a more genuine slice of life, be sure to see what Tracy is up to! 

How do I grow my own Wheelchair Onlyfans modeling account?

The best way to grow your paraplegic Onlyfans account is to start at the foundation, and work outward. Check out your profile photo and your cover photo. Are they attractive? Saucy? Perfect. What about your writeup? It should tell your fans who you are, and what kind of content you enjoy. Don’t be shy here – get a friend to help if you hate talking about yourself.

From there, start searching for subreddits and other places your potential fans are hiding. Be sure to post there, and become well known. As well, create other social media accounts that are cohesive with your Onlyfans account. With these steps, you should see your account growing in no time.

How does Onlyfans pay its creators?

When it comes time to get paid, quadriplegic Onlyfans creators, and all creators really, simply need to transfer the money from Onlyfans to their bank account. You can set up the system to do this automatically each month, or choose when you’d like to have it.

The money doesn’t arrive instantly. Banks aren’t quick like that. Instead, it’ll take a few days for the banks to process the funds, and then you’re good to go. Be sure to treat yourself for a job well done! 


Wheelchair Onlyfans In Conclusion 

We hope you’ve loved getting to know these amazing paraplegic Onlyfans creators as much as we did. If you haven’t had the time to explore their content, definitely do so. You’ll be satisfied in the end. While you do that, we’ll be excitedly looking up even more amazing disabled Onlyfans creators worldwide, so we can showcase them right here.

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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