Rudy Pal Boots Kids

Koeppel Cashes In on Day Care Space

The West Side rent grab stands in sharp contrast to Koeppel's willingness to roll back rents for those Upper East Side tenants who worked for Giuliani's campaign or administration. While the Campaign Finance Board found Koeppel had broken no law, Koeppel himself acknowledged that the scandal had embarrassed Giuliani, whom he described as a "very good friend." Giuliani had appointed Koeppel to the board of the Off-Track Betting Corporation, a position the landlord gave up after his rent-gouging indictment. Koeppel's zeal for Giuliani had created problems earlier: In 1993, the mayor's campaign had to return $1000 to Koeppel, whose contribution exceeded the $6500 limit.

Koeppel is known as quirky. He has called for the exhumation of his father's body in the estate battle. In 1994, he appeared on the Donahue show seeking a wife. He had no luck there, but Giuliani came to the rescue, introducing Koeppel to Jean Carol Herbage. They married in 1995.

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