Southern Baptists OK Dancing (on War Victims' Graves)

Bush Is Their Shepherd

Mainline Christian churches are strongly opposed to the Iraq war. Some 50 leaders of 13 denominations and five organizations told Bush (himself a Methodist) that they were opposed. Only the Southern Baptist Convention is for the war. "Finally," said Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptists' Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, "we come to a moment of last resort, and the United States is now leading a coalition of more than 40 nations from around the world that have not only perceived the danger but have the courage of their convictions to act upon them and disarm Saddam Hussein and liberate the Iraqi people."

Meanwhile in Iraq, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports, thousands of U.S. Marines have received a pamphlet from Touch Ministries called "A Christian's Duty," which has a tear-out section for the soldier to fill in and send to the White House, attesting that "I have committed to pray for you, your family, your staff, and our troops during this time of uncertainty and tumult. May God's peace be your guide." There's a prayer for every day. Sunday's is to pray that Bush and his top aides will pray to God "and not rely on their own understanding." For Monday, the mini-prayer book urges a prayer to keep Bush strong and courageous and "to do what is right regardless of critics."


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