Meet the Artists

Scott Zwiren

imageScott lost his right arm and part of his right leg when he jumped in front of a subway train in 1986. Today he draws and paints with his left arm. He came to The Bridge in 1988.

Serguéï Lanquetot

imageSerguéï specialty is collages with animals. His largest work to date, Serguéï Africa (left), was one of the first pieces to sell at the group's show last fall.

Glenn Grancio

imageGlenn, 30, is the youngest member of the group. He started creating art when he was a child growing up on Long Island.

Ira Brewer

imageBefore coming to The Bridge, Ira Brewer was homeless and living at the Bellevue shelter. He has been a member of the group for 12 years.

Jill Friedman

imageJill went to Barnard College and used to work for the city parks department. She joined the group in 1997.

Chris Gaskin

imageChris was a graffiti artist spray-painting subway trains when he was a teenager. A former car thief and crack addict, he joined the group after he was released from prison in 2004.

Jennifer Gilliam

imageJennifer grew up in a military family stationed in Germany, France, and Italy. She started drawing at age three.

James Sneed

imageAt 67, James is the oldest member of the group. He grew up in Harlem and was influenced by the painter Jacob Lawrence, whom he describes as his mentor.

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