Joe McCombs

Diggin' it Down Under

Re Neil Shah's "Bored in the U.S.A." [May 10–16]: I have been reading all the news concerning Axl Rose that I can find, because I am still a big fan. I just wanted to say that Shah's article on Rose was the best one I have read on the subject in recent memory. Shah definitely encapsulated everything that I was looking for and did an excellent job compared to all the current regurgitated rubbish out there. Thank you (for once) for quality journalism.

Warwick Wilson Melbourne, Australia

Why you hatin'?

Re Drew Tillman's review of Revoloution [Tracking Shots, May 10–16]: I self-released a film that took me 10 years to make. The interesting thing about the film, other than The Village Voice's cursory review, which was hacked through, was the fact that, because the concept was unique, I got the writer of The Deer Hunter to write it with me, and after the film was through, Oscar-winning composer Bill Conti did the music for nothing. Then, Oscar nominee, or whatever he is, Burt Young did a free cameo because he thought the film was a work of art. Meanwhile, while these great artists endorsed my film and created a work that has an impact on lives, Tillman chose the most clichéd way to attack my film, Revolution, by making fun of its inspirational nature. In a city that's endured so much darkness, one would hope that haters wouldn't thrive at the Voice. This is the first film in 30 years from the writer of The Deer Hunter, and its effect on audiences, who are lining up around the block, speaks for itself. Tillman's calling the film an after-school special tells me that instead of watching the film he scrolled through it to make a deadline. We screen the film to hundreds of at-risk youth on a weekly basis, and though they stand and cheer after the film, the only after-school special that is playing in this film is forgiveness for the bleak and destructive world you live in while separating the masses from inspiring works that seek to do good.

Bret Carr
Los Angeles, California

Sleeping on Shooter

I just finished reading Joshua Love's article on Shooter Jennings ["Offend in Every Way," May 17–23]. Some things Love got right—Jennings probably won't go platinum on Electric Rodeo, but that's not because the album's not worthy; it's because country fans are all up Kenny Chesney's butt. It's sad. I feel Love's statement about how an anthem, like "4th of July," is not present on Electric Rodeo is false. For people like me a great anthem is "Hair of the Dog" or "It Ain't Easy." Shooter makes honest music that he performs with his whole heart. After seeing him perform live, I was hooked. I will be a fan for as long as he continues to write and play. I feel sorry for those people who will never give his music a chance. They are missing something special.

Devin Black
Madisonville, Kentucky

And the pitch . . .

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