Cabinet's new space may be an opportunity for them to assert the kind of timely relevance they’ve largely eschewed before. They recently hosted a talk on "Leaving the 21st Century"—a reference to the Situationists' hope of somehow leaving the 20th—although the lecture turned out to be more of an entertaining intro to Guy Debord's avant-garde movement than a proposal for new action, as promised. It's clear that Najafi has not completely found sure footing in terms of how best to use his new staging ground.

Fuse night at Cabinet’s Gowanus space
Emily Peet-Lukes
Fuse night at Cabinet’s Gowanus space

This should be fine with him; Najafi says he tends to be more interested by frustration and discomfort than in untroubled success: “I aim for every issue of the magazine to have an element that’s like a turd in the middle of the whole thing, so nobody feels totally at home.”

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