You'll see many further promising restaurants as you go under the LIRR tracks and continue down Broadway, including a noodle café from Henan in central China called Uncle Zhou (83-29 Broadway, 718-393-0888) and a Sichuan restaurant with the cloying name of Sweet Yummy House (83-13 Broadway, 718-878-6603). Stop when you get to Queens Boulevard.


This is Brooklyn's newest Chinatown, but it barely qualifies as one because it lacks the commercial density we usually associate with such neighborhoods. Businesses—mainly produce stands, supermarkets, duck shops, and cafés—are attenuated along a mile-long stretch of Avenue U that runs from Coney Island Avenue to Bedford Avenue, centering on the Avenue U stop on the Q train.

The virtue of this Chinatown—apart from how it seamlessly co-exists with Russian, Jewish, and Italian businesses—lies in its old-fashioned Cantonese establishments of the sort disappearing from the other Chinatowns. Triple Z (1410 Avenue U, 718-382-4328) is a duck shop/restaurant, where over-rice dishes predominate, while Pho Vietnam (1243 Avenue U, 718-998-2858) whips up a mean bowl of the eponymous soup. Century Mart (2309 Avenue U, 718-368-3666) is a sprawling Chinese supermarket with super-cheap prices. For some old-time Brooklyn flavor, end your tour at Jay & Lloyd's Kosher Deli (2718 Avenue U, 718-891-5298). Hey, Jewish delis serve egg rolls, too.

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