10 Reasons to Love Eggs


Eggs are getting some bad press lately, but we think everyone should keep calm and carry on eating eggs. And in case you need convincing, here are 10 good reasons:

1. Because every bodega in New York will make you an egg sandwich, and many will turn out decent renditions 24 hours a day.

2. Because they’re cheap. Even if you go for the fanciest, a dozen shouldn’t set you back more than a few bucks.

3. Because you’re just as happy to eat them drunk as you are hungover. Scramble up a few eggs with basically anything else in your fridge. Your body will thank you (at least, it will when you wake up feeling better).

4. Because they can remind you of being a kid. Remember the childhood joy of breakfast for dinner? Revive it by making a frittata.

5. Because they can be shaped to look like this if you follow Anna the Red’s simple instructions:

6. Because despite the efforts of egg-white warriors, yolks make everything better.

7. Because they can help you secure your own seat in-transit. Sometimes, eggs stink. This can be a good thing (especially on packed summer trains and airport shuttles). Snack on an egg salad sandwich and you’re one step closer to ensuring a train car all to yourself.

8. Because breaking into a perfect poached egg is sexy (not to mention a welcome addition to almost every meal). Share the act with someone you love, or someone else. We don’t judge.

9. Because they’re the perfect vehicle for a stick of butter. Yes, we said a stick. Just keep adding tablespoons to your slow-cooking pan of scrambled eggs until they resemble a yellowy version of Art Garfunkel’s hair. They’ll emerge fluffy and absurdly decadent.

10. Because they’ve got protein in spades. And while that might be great for your health, it’s also a great way to stave off hunger for a few hours. Consider pocketing a hard-boiled on the next walk over to Mission Chinese.