Location, location, location


Your place or mine? Or how about the back of a mail truck? Or a teacher’s desk? Any port in a storm.

TRISH, 30, BAYSIDE I was a real nasty girl. I was willing to please. I would have done anything for him to accept me. We were in the city. It was two couples and it was a really fuckin’ damp and clammy night. We were going to go to the top of the Empire State Building. My boyfriend was, like, let’s go to Finally Michael’s, a sex club. I knew it was a sex club. VCRs playing by the bar, pornos. There were either old couples or girls by themselves.

They had a strip contest and of course, me the ham that I am, I went onstage. I took my bra off; the only thing I kept were my underwear and my shoes. My shoes were Charles David, $150. I still wear them. Platform, wedgies. I was proud of my new Victoria’s Secret underwear. Of course, my stupid ex-boyfriend goes on stage. We ended up doing it with ourselves, joining with other couples. I actually saw him fucking some other girl. He saw me fucking some other guy. It was funny because it didn’t feel like—I don’t want to say jealousy—it was just like a surge that went through your body and he just took it out on somebody else. It was quite a night. We never fought about it. As it turns out, me and my boyfriend had one of our most amazing nights of sex. We tried going to that same club another time. Nothing happened. It was one of those one-time deals.

JOE, 19, FAR ROCKAWAY I was at a park on my birthday and ran around it naked. It was somewhere in Astoria, June 17, one o’clock in the morning. We were playing Truth or Dare. Everybody was just saying, “Dare, dare, dare,” because everybody just wanted to make out with everyone. We were all drunk. They saw me a little, then I got dressed.

The craziest dare that didn’t happen? Fuck me in the car. But they couldn’t because there were cops around. The craziest thing that happened? Rub their breasts in my face. It was my ex. She’s got a nice size. We broke up. I guess they tried to hook us up. We just basically made out, that was it. It wasn’t a planned thing. They were doing it on purpose to see if it would happen. They wouldn’t ask her to do anything else with anybody else because I would get pissed off. I have mad feelings.

MARCUS, 22, WEST HEMPSTEAD A girlfriend was trying to get me to do it in a public pool. I wouldn’t do it—there were people around. She was begging. She was like, “C’mon. Nobody’s looking. Let’s do it. We’ve never done it in a pool before.” She wanted to do it anywhere and everywhere, so when she talks to her friends she can say she did it. We did it in front of a church, midnight. We did it in a mail truck. East Meadow post office, and it was night. One night we went into a park and next to it is the post office. We jumped in a mail truck. It was empty. Bada-bing, bada-boom. We did it on her teacher’s desk. It was in East Meadow High School. We had to talk because we got into a big fight. We met at the high school to talk and kind of made up. Then things got a little steamy. We started kissing. We went in. We started checking doors. It was right there on the teacher’s desk. She was Italian and her family was racist. We broke up because she didn’t want to hide anymore. I’d been with her for four years. She wanted a boyfriend she could bring home.

CHINO, 17, QUEENS I was on a trip coming back from Boston. It was me and this girl. While she was driving on the highway, I started eating her out—during the day. That was the only time I ever did that shit. At first I was lying down, and I just thought of it. I started licking her leg. She was like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “Shut up.” She was wearing shorts and no underwear. I put a shirt over my head and went into her lap. I didn’t want anybody to see me doing that shit. Hell, yeah, people saw us. Trucks were passing. Honk, honk. After that, we got out at a rest stop and then I was the driver.

JOHNNY, 25, VALLEY STREAM I had my craziest sex in the craziest places when I was 18 years old. I was getting gas at a gas station and I grabbed my girl and we went to the bathroom while the guy was pumping gas. It was on Hempstead Turnpike, a Mobil station. She was my girlfriend at the time, actually. I told the guy to “fill her up,” so I did the same. The bathroom wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the lap of luxury. I stood her up against the wall—we were pretty horny, it didn’t matter. A good ten minutes they were waiting for us to come out. And we had sex in a Yankee Stadium bathroom. In between innings I grabbed and brought her into the guys’ bathroom, in a stall. Absolutely any time there’s that risk of getting caught it’s always more exciting. Yankee Stadium was better because there was more of a chance of getting caught. But the excitement was pretty much the reason that led to us breaking up, because sometimes excitement might lead to things that are fun and those fun things lead to regrets later on. I haven’t had that kind of crazy sex in a long time.