The good fight

Regarding Poetic (a.k.a. Anthony Berkeley) and his battle with colon cancer [Grave condition, Notes, Oct. 21]: we are all praying for Anthony—and D.D., who is at his side—to give them both the strength to overcome this obstacle. We are all saddened.

Amanda (a.k.a. Big Sister)

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Calling us names

As the songwriter for the Montgomery Cliffs, I find it an insult to see such a lack of respect paid to the writing of the review on our new album [Recordings, Nov.18]. I can not believe how incompetent Greg Hoy is as a writer! We put hundreds of hours and care into making that recording. We did it alone, on a low budget while we busted our asses working day jobs. The least he could have done is read the damn sleeve for the correct spelling of our names! I can tolerate a negative review, as we do get our share. Hey, I know this effort is a bit ambitious and not everyone’s cup of tea. But to accuse us of blatant impersonation—them’s fighting words! I can hear the baritone resemblance to the godfather of punk. But I never “put on” the Costello voice as if it were a preset on my keyboard. Although our talented guitarist didn’t mind the “Lifeson” comparison, he comes from a proud German heritage and did mind the changing of his name to someone who might be celebrating Hanukah shortly (Kurz, not Kurtz). Get it, Mr. Hoytz? And it’s “Salvia,” not “Silva.” As far as our gifted drummer Dennis, I’d like to see Mr. Peart give up his 88 drums for a three-piece set and play his ass off!

So I say, screw Rush and screw you, Mr. Hoy! I never even liked that band, let alone be influenced by them. In parting, I’d like to say, indeed there’s no one quite like a proofreader and the Long Island Voice should remember that!

You guys really need to get it together if you expect to have the local music scene support you. But I guess as long as you don’t offend your pornographic sponsors, why bother accommodating us artists?

Joey Salvia

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My way

First and foremost, thank you for the wonderful review [Warren Von Kruck’s Tattooed White Trash, Digital LI, Oct. 7]. But I must make a few corrections, if I may. It is true that four of the songs on my web site were in fact shared with the band formerly known as Talkbox. After the unit broke up, I felt that I still had the right to use my best material from it to promote myself, since I worked so hard for so many years with them. I never laid claim to playing all of the instruments on those four tracks, but I admit that I never laid claim to not, either. However confusing the information provided on the site may have been, all of the material is owned and copyrighted by me, and I believe that my talents speak for themselves.

Credit is due. As stated in the “Sad Song” letter to you written by Kato, John, Tim and Steve [Letters, Oct. 21], their work on the four songs that we shared was made at a time when Talkbox still had goals and its members still had some semblance of ambition. The only sad part of the song is that my former friends are continuing to try and gain notoriety on my success by riding on my coattails. Unfortunately, I must speak up for myself. The fact is that had it not been for my determination, drive and knowledge, Talkbox would still be trying to book gigs at the Long Island Roxy, even though the pit has been closed for years. Thank you for allowing me to clear the air. And thank you for pointing out that my music is what it is: good rock and roll.

Warren Von Kruck

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The photograph on the Nov. 18 cover, for the story “Emergency!,” mistakenly ran without credit. It was taken by Kirk Condyles.