Nader Skips Toward Federal Funding


NOVEMBER 6—The Green Party is on the verge of qualifying for federal matching funds in the next presidential election. Nationally, most polls show Ralph Nader hovering at or close to the 5 percent threshold.

The other minor parties have been nowhere near that successful.

The Reform Party’s Pat Buchanan has dropped off what appeared to be the bottom of the chart, falling from 1 percent to a fraction of a percent.

Jim Babka, press secretary for Libertarian candidate Harry Browne, says Georgia is probably the party’s best state, with a polling between 2 and 3 percent. In Illinois, polls show the Libertarians at 2 percent, although Babka says their final percentage may drop to 1.

The Libertarians claim leads over Buchanan in 20 states. Their goal is to get 1 million votes.

Howard Phillips, candidate of the Constitution Party, did not return phone calls.