Sexual healing: The rise and fall and rise of women’s libido


Warm up for Valentine’s Day! You know you’ve been seeking an excuse to visit the Museum of Sex, and here’s one that will improve your mind while titillating your libido. The first of four weekly lectures surveying how we’ve done it is titled “Sex in Prehistory: Corpulent Goddesses, the Holy Vulva, and Sex as Sacrament.” Sex educator Rebecca Chalker—the author of The Clitoral Truth and other works, a contraceptive activist, and a professor at Pace—marshals her substantial erudition around this most intimate of subjects, putting a feminist spin on the rise and fall and rise of female sexuality in the past few thousand years, explaining how sex used to be the bridge between the human and the divine. Future lectures center on the Greeks and early Christians; Enlightenment philosophers and the “new women” who ignored them; and how the Beats, Masters and Johnson, and the pill made the revolution the Bushies are trying to lick.