Listings – 2/10/2004


Drum’n’bass hasn’t been the “It” genre in a while, but that doesn’t bother Roni Size, who was once the genre’s “It” boy. Size, along with his Full Cycle and V Records mates, has been operating in his own world, where fractured beats set to a quick-speed time still rule the dancefloor. They bring the funk better than any of the other d’n’b crews, who are still concerned about spooking everyone out with scary basslines and rocky horror shows. The diminutive DJ-producer with the super-sized breakbeats returns to the city for the first time in over five years, visiting the only large venue that aims to please the kids who actually, you know, like music. With MCs Sweet Pea and Risky. Thursday @ 10, Avalon, 662 Sixth Ave, 212.807.7780

With New York’s club scene struggling with laws and lawmakers, it’s no wonder there are so many retrospectives coming out in the form of books and movies, taking a look back at the golden era of house music in New York City (roughly the early ’70s to the early ’80s). In celebration of one such book, Tim Lawrence’s Love Saves the Day, the 718 SESSIONS posse comes together for a group history lesson. DJ Danny Krivit paves the way with the tunes all night long. Sunday @ 6, Deep, 16 W 22nd, 212.978.8869