In the Know: The Freakiest of the Underground Surfaces


Once just a cyber-outpost hiding in the pre-commercialized underbelly of Al Gore’s (ahem) burgeoning information superhighway, was the late-’90s go-to man for all things fringe culture. The site’s an all-access Area 51 of articles and links, links, links to the best and freakiest of the underground: everything from politics, conspiracy theories, new science, environmental issues, and current affairs to the arts, drug and pop culture, the occult, spirituality, and crank nouveau. Co-founded by Richard Metzger in ’96, has grown from a “hidden information” Web resource to a nefariousmultimedia bullhorn-blaring attack unit. The company publishes books (e.g., Everything You Know Is Wrong and 50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know) and graphic novels, produced an infamously banned TV program, and is working on a feature film. Tonight’s event, hosted by the charismatic Metzger, features spirited carny-like outsider artist Joe Coleman showing slides of his paintings and choice screenings from Disinfo’s shelved TV show—don’t miss the hilarious-cum-disturbing “Brice Taylor: CIA Mind Controlled Sex Slave” segment. It also features two inspiring speakers of incendiary mercurial intellect: media critic and culture jammer Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus; and machine-gun raconteur scientist (and ex-PR magnate to the stars) Howard Bloom, author of The Lucifer Principle, in a very rare public appearance, his first in Manhattan in 15 years.