Listings – 4/13/2004


You may have never heard of any of the artists in this week’s Austrian Cultural Forum, but I promise you won’t be bored, and you’ll definitely get an edumacation. It’s composed mostly of experimental electronic music acts, the most widely known of which is dZihan & Kamien, who play comfortably with slowed-down tempos, electro sounds, and Italo-disco influences. Another featured artist, the Hot Gameboy Music Club, are the brainchild of Herbert Weixelbaum and Wolfgang Kopper, who formed an open group of musicians to make music using the Nintendo console. Also on the bill is Troyer, who fuses the Orient’s Old World charms with techno’s gadgetry, and DJ Electric Indigo, who’ll shake everyone out of their chin-stroking stupor and get the booties moving. See, don’t you feel smarter already? Friday through Wednesday, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, 11 E 52nd, 212.319.5300,

This weekend is the last chance (to get a shot) to hear Danny Tenaglia at Arc/Vinyl before the club becomes some rich person’s loft. Happily, the DJ is spinning twice: On Friday for his final BE YOURSELF jam, and on Sunday for the absolute Grand Finale at the esteemed old venue. Plus, unlike usual, the club has a liquor license for its closing days. So you can drown your sorrows in an actual beer. Friday @ 10, Sunday @ 6, Arc, 6 Hubert, 212.981.8703

DJs do just about everything better, but they are especially good at throwing themselves birthday parties. House jock Joeski gives himself a big wet one with the Chocolate Factory gang—Onionz, Sameer, and Frank Ryde—on the decks. Also, there are two special DJs. I only know the identity of one of them, but I’m not tellin’. Monday @ 10, Sapphire Lounge, 249 Eldridge, 212.777.5153