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Is That Spiritual Enlightenment, Or Just My Breakfast?


A stage-sized mandala—made from wedges of oranges, coffee beans, grain and stars (fermentation), Twix bars, writhing people, fish, newspapers, and more—sits in situ at the start of Stefa Zawerucha’s Deal, but the audience witnesses its giddy deconstruction. Zawerucha dives into the oranges, stuffing them down her dress; she peels one, slurping its juice, then joins dancers one by one as each takes possession of a different commodity. Sally Silvers creates a stand-alone performance, stacking bundles of Voices into a fortress, a tower, and a throne, on which she sits regally to review the peons. KJ Holmes piles Twix bars into a mound; Jennifer Allen buries herself in a sack of coffee beans, Amanda Loulaki swims with the fishes—all to “Blue” Gene Tyranny’s live piano riffs. Enter with thoughts of spiritual discovery; leave wondering if it’s simply about Zawerucha’s obsession with her daily needs: OJ, coffee, booze, sushi, information, and friends.