Listings – 5/11/2004


Why bother going to the Detroit Movement Festival, when you can sit on your ass and have it come to you? That’s just the idea behind Movement New York City, which brings several Detroit techno standard-bearers to our backyard, including Derrick May and Stacey Pullen—plus Detroit-friendly DJs François K, Kimyon, Rich Medina, and DJ Language rock the decks before and after the two D-Town boys spin. Also playing are the Illegal Volume cats, James Fucking Friedman, Dirty Dirty Dietz, and Max Pask, the Frenchie who—thanks to his new green card—is finally legal. Saturday @ 10, Volume, 99 N 13th St, Bklyn,

For those who are tired of the yuppie scene and miss the days when the city was truly trashy and not populated by rich kids who play at being trashy, there’s the 10th Anniversary of Squeezebox, the trashiest of the trash parties. Misstress Formika guides you through the revelry, which features many of the original baddies, including DJ Miss Guy, the Squeezebox Band, plus Jimmy James, Bebe Buell, Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat (back briefly from L.A. to give us all nightmares), and the Jayne Country Five, and even Boy George is going to perform. I’m so excited I don’t even need any illicit substances to keep me awake. Friday @ 9, Don Hill’s, 511 Greenwich St, 212.219.2850

It’s always heartwarming when club people actually prove to have a social conscience and think about deeper things than where to get the next drink. Mike Bryant of Rhythmic NYC is throwing a party to celebrate the release of the Pacific Technics compilation—from which all proceeds will go to Amnesty International. Dance to tech house from Noah Pred, DJ Camea, and Ryan Irwin, and feel like you’re contributing to society at the same time. Thursday @ 10, Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan, 212.252.2151