Listings – 5/25/2004


The Deep See posse finally have a venue befitting their party’s name. Lola and E-man start their new jam, Deep See by the Sea, an outdoor dance-a-thon on the Pier, just in time for the summer. For the kickoff, Lola has rounded up an all-female house crew, including Minx and Venus 7. Since he’s not a lady, E-man gets the night off but will be a resident in subsequent installments of the monthly. Thursday @ 10, Pier 63, 23rd & West Side Hwy,

Roy Dank, known to many music writers as one of the only publicists whose phone calls we’ll actually take, is also an accomplished DJ and producer with his grimy little paws in numerous musical styles. Under the Mathematics moniker, with partners Blueline and Mike Genato, he does the soulful drum’n’bass thing, and he and Blueline are residents at Direct Drive, where you can see them this week, along with DJ Still, Wize, and Nitsuj. Saturday @ 10, Rare, 416 W 14th, 212.613.0900. If the prospect of a whole evening of d’n’b still scares you, he’s got this Pop Your Funk party at APT, which is all funky beats, house, italo disco, nu electro, you name it, it’s in the bag. With Roy’s DJ mate Brennan Green and Chicken Lips DJ Steve Kotey taking the spotlight as the evening’s guest of honor. Thursday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212.414.4245

I always find it funny when artists or labels put “An Evening With . . . ” in front of the artist’s or label’s name, ’cause it’s sort of pretentious. However, I won’t make fun of Ghostly International’s “evening” because their featured guest, Matthew Dear, is so damn good he deserves a highfalutin introduction. My only qualm is that the venue is too uptight for out-and-out dancing. Monday @ 9:30, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette, 212.539.8770