No Triplets of Belleville, this French animated feature was hatched as an idea for a video game, and it shows: With its hasty computer rendering and thin stew of New Age mysticism, Judeo-Christian messianism, and Dungeons and Dragons geekism, Kaena is better suited to a smaller, more forgiving aspect ratio. The story involves an impossibly voluptuous protag who assumes the mantle of her race’s Barbie-proportioned Moses. In the process, Kaena (voiced by a reedy Kirsten Dunst) encounters a stranded space alien (the decidedly non-reedy Richard Harris) who’s attended to by porcine, sentient worms in mechanized battle gear. While uneven, the animation does offer a few dazzling set pieces, and spotting influences—from sci-fi surrealist Richard M. Powers to H.R. Giger to Rankin-Bass—should keep genre aficionados engaged. The rote fantasy plotting, on the other hand, leaves virtually no impression.