Listings – 7/20/2004


It’s a classic case of “They’re huge in Europe.” The Scissor Sisters, a campy New York band with equal footing in Elton John’s piano past and techno’s future, are numero uno over in England. Literally, their album hit No. 1 on the charts a few weeks ago, and yet here they are playing for a bunch of hipsters who have no idea who they are, for a mere $8 at P.S.1. You can see them and say you knew them way back when. House diva Honey Dijon provides the perfect urban beach music; Ryan Tapia joins her. Saturday @ 3 p.m., P.S.1 Contemporary Art, 22–25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Qns, 718.784.2084,

Before Volume was the “it” semi-legal warehouse in Brooklyn, there was Lunatarium. The DUMBO space catered more to the post-rave crowd than the indie rockers who like electronic music only occasionally. This weekend, the venue celebrates its third anniversary with a lineup of stellar locals, including Sonic Groove’s techno DJ Heather Heart, Scatalogics’ Ulysses, Tru Skul’s Kimyon, drum’n’bass lady Empress, plus other junglists Odi and Vandale, Christian Bruna and RawQ, and deep-house DJs Sleepyface and Boo plus Chris Love, and many more. (See, I told you it was like a rave). Saturday @ 9, Lunatarium, 10 Jay St, Bklyn,,

When DB threw his NASA reunion rave with Scotto, things didn’t turn out exactly as expected—he was out of a bunch of money due to a business dispute. So in order to recoup his losses, he’s throwing another retro rave party, called, appropriately enough, Payback. The lineup is a doozy—with Josh Wink, Junior Sanchez, Jason Jinx, Dara, AK-1200, DB himself, Dara, and countless others. There’s a special guest whom I can’t divulge—let’s just say he’s from the Bay Area and goes way back. Tickets are so cheap ($7), it’s possibly the most you’ll get for your money from a club this year. Thursday @ 10, Avalon, 662 Sixth Ave, 212.807.7780