Apocalypse Now


Fraggers rejoice: After 10 long years of splattering other games’ anthropomorphic arrangements of pixels, brand loyalists may now indulge their tendencies toward violence and roaming dark hallways by playing the third installment of Doom. (Buy it for PC August 5; Xbox owners have to wait until later this year.) “The moment has finally arrived,” writes GameSpy. “Now all that remains is the killing . . . lots and lots and lots of killing.” Time comments that “It’s a bit too lifelike for comfort.” (Still, we have their approval: “Ignoring the mass appeal of virtual violence seems as pointless as wagging a finger at those darn long-haired rock ‘n’ rollers.” Or as pointless as wagging our finger at state-sanctioned violence that’s virtually acknowledged by our administration!) I don’t know about all that, but after peering over the shoulder of a BitTorrent enthusiast who spent hours (not money) downloading the game, I’ll attest to its brilliantly rendered gore. And the reviews, of course, are totally breathless. (Coincidentally, not enough oxygen appears to be getting to the writers’ brains.) There’s a Doom movie being shot in Prague this winter, but who cares about that when you actually get to attack the demons with extreme prejudice?