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‘Troubles’ Is His Middle Name


Tim Spicer’s just the kind of peacekeeper the Bush regime would hire

George W. Bush ignorantly tried to earn points with the Irish people in June by pointing out that what he warmly called their “neighbor,” the British government, supports his Iraq adventure. (See Blarney and ‘Friends’)

Using the British government as a fine example for the Irish people was idiotic, but those were just words. Now Dubya has really pissed them off by awarding a $293 million security contract in Iraq to a British firm led by Tim Spicer, a notorious figure during the “Troubles.”

“This is a deeply offensive and insensitive move and represents a real kick in the teeth for Irish Americans,” the Reverend Sean McManus wrote to Bush, according to The Washington Post. McManus is head of the Irish National Caucus, a D.C. lobbying group. “President Bush should tear up this contract immediately out of decency and respect.”

See the Disinfopedia for details of this mercenary’s role in murder and mayhem not only in Northern Ireland in the early ’90s but around the planet.

In the mid ’90s, Spicer—hired as a mercenary to crush a rebellion in Papua New Guinea— acknowledged in a Port Moresby courtroom that his “Operation Oyster” involved using attack helicopters and other methods to intimidate the people of Bougainville.

Look out, Iraqis! In May 2004, the Bush administration gave Spicer’s company, Aegis, the huge contract to provide security for “reconstruction” projects. As if his company has a reputation for keeping things calm. The Washington Post notes that Spicer’s “involvement” in Papua New Guinea “was followed by an army rebellion and a coup.”

Now, he’ll be bringing to Iraq what people are calling “the largest private army in the world.”

And even some of Bush’s allies are outraged—but for different reasons. The Post yesterday quoted a letter from House member Pete Sessions, a Texas Republican, to Secretary of Defense Donald “I didn’t do it” Rumsfeld as saying, “It is inconceivable that the firm charged with the responsibility for coordinating all security of firms and individuals performing reconstruction is one which has never even been in the country.”

In Papua New Guinea, Spicer’s company at the time used Russian attack helicopters to scare the bejeezus out of the Bougainvilleans. Can’t wait to see how he helps democracy flower in Iraq.

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