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Wanted by Senate candidate: experienced airplane mechanic

Faithful reader Steve-whose-last-name-and-city-I-won’t-publish-so-the-FBI/GOP/CIA/SS-won’t-come-looking-for-him writes:

So, in the last two elections, Democratic Senate candidates have died in plane crashes (Carnahan and Wellstone). When my inner conspiracy nut comes out, I wonder who the Republicans will off this time. My bet is Obama, but I’m not sure even the Republicans would do it a third time …

Glad you brought that up, Steve. For a historical perspective, take a look at CNN’s October 2002 rundown of politicians killed in plane crashes.

Sites mourning Paul Wellstone, who was killed in a plane crash two weeks after voting against the Iraq war, are too numerous to mention. But those of you born after October 2002 can start with this NPR page.

Heading the CNN list is Mel Carnahan, the guy who died in October 2000 but still beat John Ashcroft the next month in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. I wonder who else is on the list of politicians who lose to dead guys and then get promoted to U.S. Attorney General.

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