Tap Genius Carries His Gift to Venues All Over Town


Savion Glover’s mission is to “carry on,” according to his latest hip-hop CD, and he’s doing just that. The words translate into more exposure than ever for tap as an art form. In the past month alone, Glover has carried on uptown at private parties, downtown at a “Peace on Earth” concert, and at jazz clubs and tap events everywhere in between; singing, dancing, rapping, choreographing, improvising, collaborating with jazz and tap greats too numerous to list.

His profound relationship with the dance radiates onstage, whether he’s chasing the unknown or reminiscing with an old friend. His upper body moves with a new liquidity, shoulder blades dropping down his back parenthetically around a syncopated heel drop, knees sucked into his chest before he ventures into a step or phrase and unveils countless layers and remixes. With a tight five-piece band behind him at B.B. King’s on Sunday, who knows where Glover will go, but if he doesn’t do “Afro Blue,” don’t be afraid to ask. He’s that kind of guy and it’s that stunning.

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