Orbit: A Bar That’s Both Down-to-Earth and Out of This World


Sit at the oak bar at this East Harlem jazz den and you’ll start tapping your foot or snapping your fingers to a different beat instinctively. If the music doesn’t move you, the crowd’s energy will. You never know who you’re sharing elbow space with. On any given night the cast of characters can include a big-haired bass player who’ll spontaneously join the band for a silky rendition of “Summertime,” a street-savvy B-boy who’ll step out a few times throughout the evening for a cig in the outside seating area, or some neighborhood wiseguy whose nickname is probably “the Chin” or something equally descriptive. Order a bottle of the Cesari due torri Pinot Grigio ($24), a refreshing and fruity white, and relax. Slow-moving fans, candlelit tables, and live music remind you that here the livin’ is easy.

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