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The Global Struggle


Margaret Prescod has arrived this week, along with a delegation of the Global Women’s Strike, to make sure that “the movement” doesn’t forget about the causes of grassroots women around the world. Their organization has chapters in 60 countries on all continents. “What our sisters in the Global South tell us is that whoever gets into the White House is in many ways the president of the world,” says Prescod. “And yet they don’t have a say. They are dependent on those of us here, in what we used to call the belly of the beast, to bring their message, their troubles and their demands.”

Prescod lives in Los Angeles, where she is the host of a drive-time radio show on Pacifica radio called Sojourner Truth. She recently returned from an international Women’s Strike delegation to Venezuela, where they were official observers of the referendum that reelected Hugo Chavez.

“Our message is to invest in caring, not war,” she says. “We definitely want Bush out of the White House. Unlike some of the left parties who are saying there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans, that can’t be our position, because we have to be accountable to our network. Many of us women work a double day, taking care of our house and family, so we are used to multitasking. We can’t afford the luxury of saying you can only be on the street and you shouldn’t be involved in the voting process. You have to work on all levels.”

Prescod was originally scheduled to speak at Sunday’s canceled rally. The Global Strike delegation of approximately 20, from all over the country, will be attending every major and some minor events during the convention to try to bring the stories of women’s struggles in Haiti, Nigeria, India, Iraq, and South America to the fore.

“We are here to say to the white-male dominated movements here — pay attention to us!”

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