New York

Eleven Percent of New York Marches Against Bush


SEVENTH AVENUE, 34TH STREET, FIFTH AVENUE–The poll said 11 percent of New York would turn out to a protest, and we all seem to be here at UFPJ’s The World Says No to the Bush Agenda! . The crowd looks bigger than on February 15, 2003, when UFPJ estimated half a million turned out to protest the Iraq war. When people at the beginning of the march arrive at Union Square, thousands are still waiting at each feeder block on Seventh Avenue between 14th and 23rd streets. The mood is jubilant, with live bands, drumming, and handpainted signs everywhere. The police are treating this like the peaceful, legal assembly it is; most blocks are not barricaded, I haven’t seen anyone in riot gear. A detail of 50-plus bicycle-mounted police watches over the barricade as the march makes the turn through Herald Square down 5th Avenue.

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