The latest in a line of religious products that include DVDs, workbooks, special-edition Bibles, and recorded sermons, Woman brings bestselling preacher T.D. Jakes’s fictional, real-life-inspired self-help message to a Passion-primed audience. Interspersed with weepy confessionals and Jakes’s own preachings (he plays himself), this flashback-driven story of a young woman (a poised Kimberly Elise) who kills her sexual abuser feels part reality show, part mockumentary, part Jakes promo video. Most troubling, though, is the hopeless moral environment Jakes and director Michael Schultz create: The men are almost all pimpin’, preachin’, drug-abusin’ snakes, and the downtrodden women are so desperate for companionship they’ll forsake their own children for any loser with a line. But fear not: Jakes’s gospel-heavy retreats offer redemption—fictional, live, or at your local bookstore—for murderers, predators, and victims alike.