Listings – 9/28/2004


A few years ago, when drum’n’bass was overrun with horror movie soundtracks and pseudo-scary basslines, a few producers stuck out their necks with something less macho, less chest-beating, and more palatable for home listening—as well as clubs. (And surprise, the ladies returned to the d’n’b parties.) High Contrast was one of those who took his cues from house music, making melodic, pretty—but not limp—breakbeats, splintering a bit from the trippy, loungey world of LTJ Bukem. He’s playing in support of a new record, High Society. Thursday @ 9, Sullivan Room, 218 Sullivan, 212.252.2151

If electronic music had a less dysfunctional Wu-Tang, it would be British collective Bugz in the Attic. With a long list of contributing members, including Orin Walters of Afronaught fame and Daz-I-Kue (both of whom appear tonight), as well as Seiji, Kaidi Tatham, Cliff Scott, and others, the possibilities of a Bugz release is as wide as their imaginations are wild. Lately, they’ve been leaning toward broken beat, a sub-subgenre of spliced syncopation that Americans bypassed altogether (our loss). Thursday @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212.645.5700

Seattle, my old hometown, has its claws in the NYC music scene via the excellent radio station KEXP, which New Yorkers are lucky enough to be able to sample online. The popular morning show called John in the Morning hosted by DJ John Richards is a meet ‘n’ greet with fellow radio jocks Cheryl Waters and Kevin Cole, while wax and CD spinners Lizzy (of Fischerspooner fame), James Iha (really, do I need to tell you who he is?), E Morse (of Trampoline House, the magazine), and DJ Dan (i.e., the guy who disses John’s selections in the daily mailing lists) provide the tuneage. It’s Columbus Day or something, so you should drink. Monday @ 9, Lit, 93 Second Ave, 212.777.7987