Throngs of New York: Underneath the Bridges in Brooklyn


As the Velvet Fog reminds us, there is something “so inviting” about “Autumn in New York.” Crooning about the “thrill of first-nighting” among “glittering crowds,” Mel Tormé lushly evokes the world’s greatest city shaking off summer’s languor and plunging into fall’s bounty—the new season always brings a cornucopia of fresh painting, choreography, theater, and song.

One of the quickest ways to get back up to cultural speed is to join the quarter-million throng expected at DUMBO’s eighth annual arts extravaganza. Bridge decks and elevated highways slice through the tight sprawl of Brooklyn streets, providing dramatic backdrops for outdoor video projections, sound installations, and “Live Art” tonic salesmen peddling “aesthetic enhancement for impoverished artists and baffled viewers.” (And haven’t we all been on both sides of that divide at one time or another?) Many events, such as the open-air screenings, studio tours, multiple dance performances, and the “Parade of Concepts”—conceptual art takes the streets!—are free. You’ll have to open your wallet, though, for some indoor films, concerts, and critics’ panels, but an evening circumambulation of artistic “interventions” sited within the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge Park will fit any impoverished artist’s budget.

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