Listings – 10/12/2004


Bad news for those of you coddling your post-CMJ hangovers: There won’t be any time to rest this week, either. Cazzo Pazzo, the new monthly shindig thrown and DJ’d by Dirty Jean and Andy Butler hosts Chicago house legend Derrick Carter. Thus a bit of a different choice for the gay dance party, but Derrick is gay, and he does play dance music, so it should all be peachy. This is one of those rare opportunities to see a masterful mixer at work without having to trek to a superclub and deal with their super-prices and the super-headache that come with those massive venues. Wednesday @ 10, Luke & Leroy, 21 Seventh Ave S, 212.645.0004

While the big disco, house, and electro hits of the late ’70s and early ’80s always hog the spotlight, you know that the Bee Gees, Donna Summer and Shannon songs were just the tip of the iceberg and that many more treasures are unheralded. However, most of us don’t want to sift for 3,000 hours through records bins to find the gems. Lucky for us, Morgan Geist did all the work for the lazy masses, compiling a record out of the not-famous-but-totally-slamming jams. He spins some of those tunes and many more at this Unclassics release party with like-minded spinner Danny Wang, back from Berlin. Tuesday @ 10, APT, 414 W 13th, 212.414.4245

To convince yourself it’s still 1997 and all the big clubs like Twilo and Tunnel are still around, hosting big techno acts like Ken Ishii, with the fabulous doormen like Kenny Kenny holding the guest list, go to Destination Fridays at Ikon, which we think is the old club Exit. Also playing: Kazu, Hiro, Jason Jollins, and more. Friday @ 10, Ikon, 610 W 56th, 212.582.8282