Gift of Gab


Germany’s Gabor Schablitzki, when not teamed with fellow producer Sören Bodner as the fraternal Wighnomy Bros., makes tracks as Robag Wruhme. At it nearly a decade now, his remixes (of indistinguishable fellow krauts) get laced with distinct, ludicrous voices. Mixed into Triple R’s Friends, his was the one that sounded like Kid A pillow talk. For a “schaffel” comp (imagine house’s basketball bounce beat played in flip-flops), he made Robocop bark “body rock” commands and alarm system sirens coo Duran Duran choruses.

For his first long-player, Wruhme drops more of these golden throats over at his tech-house: speak ‘n’ spell Aphex Twins (“Hugendubel”), stoned Erykah Badu statues (“K.T.B.”), and a Shabba Ranks stutterer (“Skrubbs”), the latter of which could just be doubling as one of King Tubby’s DJs, dryly barking over double-time Deutsche digital disco-dancehall. Mind the speed though: Wruhme slyly slides aside manhole covers, revealing the deeeeep echo chambers beneath the streets.

In “Wuzzelbud ‘KK’ ” itself, the bowling-ball thud gets reshuffled by ping-pong balls being loaded into a shotgun. Here, Gab builds you the Ophelia model, which haltingly recites Hamlet: “They say the owl was a baker’s daughter. Lord, we know what we are, but not what we may be.” Shakespeare over a shuffle beat? Well, the Hugendubel is the largest bookstore in Germany. Could Books on Beats be next?

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