At a certain tropical island resort whose name I do not care to remember, a grizzled jewel thief (Pierce Brosnan, reprising Thomas Crown) is lured out of retirement for one last heist, over the whiny objections of his sparsely clad partner babe (Salma Hayek). Their cat-and-mouse games with a chummy G-man (more on him later) and his standard-issue local sidekick (28 Days Later survivor Naomie Harris) near a stalemate when cops and robbers start getting too friendly with each other. To pass the time between the product placements, director Brett Ratner tries to squeeze chuckles out of gay-panic set pieces, the quaint antics of colorful natives, and Woody Harrelson’s surreal miscasting as the FBI agent. Despite its misguided comic pretensions, this brazenly unimaginative caper movie is most effective as a feature-length infomercial for its location, which will here remain undisclosed.